Medical Leaders of Tomorrow in lab

Medical Leaders of Tomorrow


Medical Leaders of Tomorrow (MLT) is a free, mentorship program for high school students in San Bernardino County and Riverside County. Interested students must complete an online application.

About the Program

MLT allows students to explore different health careers and learn tools to enhance your educational and career goals. These include:

  • Presentations on science and health care topics.
  • College Admissions Workshops.
  • Leadership and team-building activities.

MLT students also work in teams to create a community health project that brings awareness about prevalent health issues in the local community. Students present their findings on the last day of the program to parents and School of Medicine faculty and staff.

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Comments from Past Participants

"Medical Leaders of Tomorrow program helped me get an understanding on what the medical field is really about and that all those 'intimidating' years of medical school are worth it in the future. One of my greatest highlights was being able to ask medical students questions on their experience and meeting wonderful people who I can connect with. These individuals are truly great people who I hope to keep in my life even after this journey ends."

"Medical Leaders of Tomorrow helped me to overcome my shyness; to be more confident to experience and be a part of this program."

"Medical Leaders of Tomorrow also helped me to become more sociable in a work environment. I learned to work in a group, to work better and be more efficient with my fellow peers."

"Medical Leaders of Tomorrow has helped me achieve this by giving me first-hand testimonies from college students themselves. I also learned about how to apply to college and what steps to take in preparation. This was a really great experience and I made many memories and friends."

"Medical Leaders of Tomorrow has definitely helped me become a better leader and has made me realize that I don’t just want to be a doctor, but be someone much more."